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Saturday, February 28

Physiogel Calming Relief Lotion & Cream Review

If you suffer from eczema or constantly seem to contract allergies, it can be a bit of a nightmare to find a moisturiser that doesn’t irritate your skin. Thankfully, Physiogel is now available in Australia! For years I’ve heard how great this brand is for sensitive and allergy prone skin, and had eagerly awaited its arrival on our shores after reading so many great reviews.

Physiogel have released two ranges: ‘calming’ and ‘sensitive’ relief, which are both available in lotion and cream form. So far, I’ve only tried the calming relief lotion and cream. Both are virtually identical, with the cream being a bit heavier and catering for those with dryer skin.

What I really love about the lotion is that it’s light-weight and absorbs really fast. It doesn’t suffocate the skin. The cream absorbs just as fast, but can feel heavy on the skin in hot weather.  They’re both unscented, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and PH balanced, and I find the calming relief helps relieve the unbearable itchiness that usually accompanies freshly shaved legs and allergy ridden skin. I also have quite a ‘picky’ chest, which disagrees with a lot of moisturisers, and regularly breaks out. The lotion, thankfully, hasn’t hurt the skin on my chest at all. Success! The best part though, is that it keeps the skin feeling soft and moisturised for hours.

Seriously, I have nothing bad to say about this range. Doesn’t break me out? Check. Doesn’t irritate my skin? Check. Relieves itchiness? Check. Yup, I am drawing a blank here. Not only are these products incredibly affordable, a little goes a long way, and they last for some time. I’ve been using the 400ml pump bottle religiously for four months now and have only used up 1/3 so far. As you can see, I’ve already repurchased this a few times, and thanks to the Priceline skincare sale, I now have reserves for my reserves (yes, I love it that much). If you can get your hands on it, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Thursday, February 19

Iope Essential Facial Oil Review

korean skincare facial oil iope
Iope Essential Facial Oil 30mls
Out of all the products I received in the Iope Super Memebox, this was the product I was most excited to try (I have a thing for facial oils, let’s just leave it at that). The Essential Facial Oil is a lightweight formulation designed to deliver deep nourishment and hydration to the skin.

Ingredients: caprylic capric triglyceride sucrose polycottonseedate, argan oil, macadamia oil, castor oil, dicaprylyl ether, oleic / linoleic/ linolenic polyglycerides, fragrance (check cosdna link here)

This is oil is packed with heaps of essential fatty acids from coconut, argan, and macadamia oils which help soften and repair damaged and uneven skin. And let’s not forget about all those anti-aging properties these oils carry. It’s a nice product to start with for younger users to help prevent and delay the signs of aging. I believe castor oil is the only ingredient that may cause irritation for some, but so far I haven’t experienced any problems.

The texture of this oil is surprisingly silky, and doesn’t feel thick and heavy at all. It does take a while to absorb, but if you only use this in the evening it shouldn’t be a problem. It also has a heavy lavender scent. It’s very calming and relaxing, identical to the scent of the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Not a bad thing at all. When I use this, every morning I wake up with a really lovely glow. The skin feels plumper, the fine lines around my eyes and mouth are reduced, and my skin tone looks even. I haven’t suffered from any severe breakouts since I started using this, even when I did get a few pimples, it helped heal them much faster.

I’ve been using this oil for 6 months now, and I’ve only just passed the halfway mark. A little goes a long way with this one, and it’s definitely a product I think I’ll repurchase in the future. However, I have noticed some huge price differences. It’s usually price around $15 to $20. I have seen it as low as $12 on some sites, but I have also seen it as high as $115 on another (I bet you can guess which shameless website that is). Really guys?! In their defense, it definitely doesn’t feel like a $20 product. With the sleek, glass packaging and the results this oil gives, it definitely feels a lot more upmarket.

Friday, February 13

Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation Review

flower perfection foundation in shade 52 vanilla
Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation in No.52 Vanilla
I can’t believe after all these years I haven't even posted a review on one of my favourite foundations. This is the foundation that gets me through the long, hot months. Bourjois Flower Perfection is a high coverage, matte foundation great for oily, acne prone skin.

The foundation has quite a creamy texture, and goes on very smooth. It also comes with a sponge, but I find this a very redundant feature, the formula dries quickly so you run the risk of caking yourself up if you take too long. Also, a sponge isn't exactly the most hygienic way to apply makeup, so I tend to use my fingers or my real techniques buffing brush. This foundation lasts all day for me, even when I've been running around at work for eight hours; it stays put. It can get a little shiny, nothing a little blotting or powder can't fix, but to be honest, I love the natural glow it gives the skin when it's been on for a while. It also contains SPF15, in the form of titanium dioxide. This doesn't seem like much, but at least they've used a physical UV filter instead of chemical. 

before foundation left, after application right
I find that many foundations break me out, this one being the exception. When researching the product I found that it contains hardly any skin or acne irritants (check out the cosDNA rating here). I guess that explains the lack of red bumps I usually find on my face the day after. I highly recommend this for those with oily/acne prone skin who are looking for a high coverage foundation to cover their spots.  This just ticks all the boxes for me, it covers everything, it’s long lasting, doesn't break me out, and it makes my skin look flawless.

I have been really impressed with Bourjois products across the board, and really don't mind paying a little extra for them anymore. I can usually find it at Priceline for around $30, but you can get it cheaper online from Asos and Life & Looks for $15. I've already repurchased this foundation twice, this is my third bottle! That’s how much I love it.